Monday, 24 September 2007

The waiting game

In the immigration process you wait and wait, then wait a little more and then wait again, until you get really tired and decide you can't wait anymore or get yourself to do something else that gives you strengh to wait just a little bit more Wink

First you have to wait until you get all the paperwork done so you can actually begin the immigration process. In this phase you get all kind of help from other people in the same boat as you, and you get overwhelmed with all the information you are finding on the Internet! I have a friend couple in this stage and I'm loading them with all kinds of information xD

Then you have to wait for the embassy to review your case and give you the visas. This one is one of the most stresfull time you are going to live, even worst if you are in one of those countries where you have to wait years and years for the decision to come :(

After that, you may or may not have to live the waiting period I'm at this moment. You have the visas in your hands, you can leave anytime you want, can't you? Well, is different for everyone, since you could land in Canada, come back to your home country, finish everthing and then go back to Canada, but I don't like that one for us. You could also have everything ready at the moment you get the visa (because you were expecting it at any moment) and leave as soon as you get the air ticket, or you can be in the same situation as us.

We have everything in Canada ready (the air ticket, the apart-hotel, the Internet connection, the suitcases we'll need, the health insurance for the first 3 months, and even have organized the things we are going to do the first few days there), but you weren't expecting the visas so soon (no that you complain). So you're stuck in your home country finishing everything and waiting! Because you can't leave now, but you don't want to wait anymore, and if you are in fear in your country is even worst. We don't know what to expect tomorrow with anything and we live in fear, but we can't leave yet :(

So hold and behold the beginning of this blog :) I can kill time writing here and help others in the same process! Are you in the waiting game??

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Fiza said...

Hi Aiglee, feels nice to read your blogs. We are Indians from Dubai, waiting for the final step in immigration. We have done with medicals, and my husband will be resigning in a few days ( am stay at home mum / homemaker). So, your blog is a great help, thanx, keep smiling!