Monday, 24 September 2007

Temporary Accommodation

One of the big problems most immigrants face it's the place where we are going to arrive and what kind of accommodations are available at a modic price. If you don't have family or friends where you can stay, you have 2 choices, a hotel or a furnished place for short term visits.

Staying in a hotel it's too expensive if you are going to stay for a few weeks or a month, but the other choice is perfect, since it's more affordable and you have a furnished apartment with all the commodities you need.

I made a list of this kind of place and sent it to a friend of a friend in Toronto so I could have an opinion from someone there about them. We are going to stay at the Cromwell Furnished Suites, so I'll let you know if it was a good choice!!!


Dina said...

We provide the PRIVATE, clean and furnished rooms for the newcomers and visitors to Toronto at lowest rate from $25/night, $580/month. Free local call, free parking, free cable TV, high speed internet access, A/C and free landing information. Pick up, moving service or sight seeing tour also available. PLEASE CONTACT: DINA for the details. TEL: 416-498-7868 CELL PHONE: 416-831-6888 E-mail: WEB SITE:

Summer said...

Yes, there are not so many choices if you don´t know anybody, but you forgot about the hostels. A lot of people prefer them over hotels since they are som much cheaper and full of young people. The thing is that in hostels you don´t have privacy and have to share a bathroom with other strangers.
Hotels as you said are too expensive, and sharply not so good. They are overpriced and the quality of service is not that high. Therefore that leaves us the third and best option which is the renting of temporary apartments. I had a rental of a buenos aires apartment once and I couldn´t be any happier with my decision. They are comfortable and quiet. Nobody will disturb you and honestly, you feel like at home.
So tell us how´s it going. I bet you have a lot of nice things to say about it!