Monday, 24 September 2007

Thinking of goodbyes

How to say goodbye to your family and friends? Even thinking about it is hard... You are not saying goodbye for ever because you could visit and they could visit, but it's a LONG goodbye because you are not going to see each other everyday again. I get tears in my eyes when I think about saying this kind of goodbye, and a lot of people don't realize this... a lot of people think that you are leaving so happy, but don't know that you are leaving a piece of your heart behind :(

I think that besides your children, saying goodbye to your parents it's the worst... It doesn't matter if you are the last of the children leaving or if you are the first, or if you are the youngest or the oldest, it's always hard for them and it's always hard for you, even more if you are close to your family.

I am the first one leaving and my mum has been very helpful with everything, being strong for everyone and letting us know that it is ok we are leaving, and that it is for the best, and that they are going to be fine. My dad it's the hardest one, since he's been so sad that we are leaving, and he show it to us everytime he can, so it's going to be so hard for him and for us...

I'm sad saying goodbye... I'm sad thinking in saying goodbye...

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