Thursday, 14 April 2011

The IT market

I have received lots of petitions for specific subjects and how I see the IT market has been one of the most requested ones! :) Please remember this is only from my point of view, any comments about the subject are welcome.

I think I should start by saying how it has been my working life here in Canada. Don't remember how much I already wrote at some point, so from the start, it took me a month and a few weeks to find job as an intern (thanks to Career Bridge) in a software company as a C# Developer, got promoted to a full time position after 3 months and became the DB expert of the company, along with my C# skills of course ^^; after 1 year and a few months decided to change jobs and found one as a Java Developer where I currently work, but turns out they needed my C# skills way more than the java ones and became the sole owner of one of their internal products, to then become the DB Team Lead of the company, and still use my C# skills because I can never get away from that one hehe.

I have seen the amount of people coming in and out of the company and is MASSIVE, and I'm also in a Canada Jobs group in Linkedin and see all the job posts being announced every single day for the IT people. Without looking for a job I receive at least 2 emails a month from recruiters calling me for interviews, so I know the IT market is in pretty good shape right now.

In IT, from what I can see, the areas with more work are Developers (C, Unity, C# and Java on the top of the list), DBAs and Sys Admins (specially Linux).

And when talking about salaries, from the averages I have seen we have:
QA: $35.000-$40.000
Developer Junior/SysAdmin Junior: $40.000
Developer/SysAdmin: $50.000
Developer Senior/SysAdmin Senior/Team Leads/DBA: $65.000+ (based on experience)

For new immigrants to find a job in IT it depends completely on the area and how current they are, I have seen people take between 1 and 5 months. Obviously, the more current, more experience and more contacts you have, the better ;)

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

You are my mirror

Writting like there is nothing left, like your world has crashed and burned, like there is absolutely no end, writing so you can ease the pain.

Nothing can hide me but I can always try, nothing can stop me but I can always hide, nothing can break me but it will leave me scars, this can not kill me but can make me sad.

I smile, I cry, I laugh and dance, I mourn and hide, I open to love and close to myself, I look at the stars and look at the rain, I see my good side and my very bad ways, this shows me my very true self.

Why are your eyes so sad? why so much pain? and from whatever you have inside, you come to my aid. Because its you and me, and no one else, because He is by our side and will always be there, because you and me are one, and we divide but we are the same.

My love for you is here and your love for me is there, we just need ourselves; and I look at the mirror and see for myself, we are strong and happy, you and me, I and myself. Thank you for being there.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Mississauga vs Toronto (again!)

Mississauga or Toronto?

Thats one of the most asked questions I have ever heard, and I always reply with the same answer, it depends :)

Neither city is just better than the other one, they both offer different things for its residents and it depends on what you are looking for to decide which city to choose (including any other cities you want to include).

I first lived for 1 year in Toronto, now spent 2 years and a half in Mississauga and going back to live to Toronto. The reason? What I'm looking for has changed.

Toronto is specially good for single people and couples with no children, Mississauga on the other hand is great for families with children. I have loved my time in Mississauga, really peaceful and everything you need, but it can become a little boring when you just want to go out really quick to have fun, or want to go to the gym without having to use the car, or want to spend the night out in a club.

So again, it completely depends on what you are looking for ;)

Thursday, 7 April 2011

So far

Part of a year and a half in my life
(No order in the events at all)

Planted Tulips and I'm watching them grow right now!

Applied to sponsor my family to become Canadian Residents :)

Spent Christmas with both families here, every single one of our parents, brothers, sisters and nieces!

Sold the house!!

Went to France :) (Europe for the first time!)

Applied for the Canadian Citinzenship!!! Already received my booklet and now it's time to study ^^

Went camping :)

Bought an apartment in Toronto!

Ate apples from my own apple tree :)

And so much more to come!!!!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Coming back

Year and a half of changes and more changes, year and a half of going up and going down and going sideways, year and a half of not writing.

I need to confess that I've missed writing but everything that was going on with my life kept me away from it, but I'm back!

I'm not sure how to come back, what information I can give that will be useful and how I can keep helping with my little experience but I'll try once again :) Will keep looking for the little things that make me happy and make me who I am and will continue to get them back.

Hope we can work together to get this blog back in track! ^^ Any subjects you would like me to talk about? :)

Missed you!!!