Thursday, 14 April 2011

The IT market

I have received lots of petitions for specific subjects and how I see the IT market has been one of the most requested ones! :) Please remember this is only from my point of view, any comments about the subject are welcome.

I think I should start by saying how it has been my working life here in Canada. Don't remember how much I already wrote at some point, so from the start, it took me a month and a few weeks to find job as an intern (thanks to Career Bridge) in a software company as a C# Developer, got promoted to a full time position after 3 months and became the DB expert of the company, along with my C# skills of course ^^; after 1 year and a few months decided to change jobs and found one as a Java Developer where I currently work, but turns out they needed my C# skills way more than the java ones and became the sole owner of one of their internal products, to then become the DB Team Lead of the company, and still use my C# skills because I can never get away from that one hehe.

I have seen the amount of people coming in and out of the company and is MASSIVE, and I'm also in a Canada Jobs group in Linkedin and see all the job posts being announced every single day for the IT people. Without looking for a job I receive at least 2 emails a month from recruiters calling me for interviews, so I know the IT market is in pretty good shape right now.

In IT, from what I can see, the areas with more work are Developers (C, Unity, C# and Java on the top of the list), DBAs and Sys Admins (specially Linux).

And when talking about salaries, from the averages I have seen we have:
QA: $35.000-$40.000
Developer Junior/SysAdmin Junior: $40.000
Developer/SysAdmin: $50.000
Developer Senior/SysAdmin Senior/Team Leads/DBA: $65.000+ (based on experience)

For new immigrants to find a job in IT it depends completely on the area and how current they are, I have seen people take between 1 and 5 months. Obviously, the more current, more experience and more contacts you have, the better ;)


Stacey said...

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Aiglee said...

Thank you Stacey! :)

Bhanushree said...

Yeah true Aiglee.. thats the average pay I have observed here too.. we may need to bargain at times :p

As a new immigrant I pretty much wasted an year without job!
Only to find out that my CV was not in Canadian format [which is way different and shorter than Indian format]. Once I learnt about this and changed it got a job within a week!!!

As soon as we go to any place I guess we need to keep our CV's updated [as per the nation we are in] and also apply on every damn job site that's available...

Aiglee said...

wow, thats impressive! I'm glad you were able to find something after modifying it :)

Lawal Adekunle said...

Hi Aiglee, thanks for the post. I am a Linux systems administrator with an LPIC 2 certification and i would like to get a job in Canada. I hail from Nigeria and currently reside and work there. What are my chances of getting a job and how do you advice i go about it. Thanks :)