Saturday, 23 August 2008

Getting to the airport

There are a few ways to get to the airport:
- Taxi
- Car
- Special buses

A taxi from Pearson Airport to Downtown Toronto can cost between $40 and $60 depending of the type of car (if it's a van or a regular car), if you use the taximeter or a flat rate, and what part of Toronto you are going. You can normally pay with credit card but it's always better to ask before hand and is normal to give a tip of 15% to the taxi driver, specially if you have luggage with you and he helps you.

By car you can find directions with a GPS or google maps, so I'll skip that one, and there are so many special buses that you have to look for them and since I didn't use any, I'll leave it to you.

To get to the airport for my family arrival, I used TTC

The buses you have to use depends completely of the time you are taking the bus. I wanted to be at 6:30am at the airport, so I couldn't use the subway and needed to use the midnight bus service. The midnight bus are buses that work when the subway is closed at night and you can take the one to the airport at Eglinton, wich was perfect for me! Is normal price and the duration from Yonge & Eglinton to Pearson Airport is around 1 hour.

Another way if the subway is already open, is using the subway to get to Kipling station and then taking the rocket to the airport (is another bus that only has the airport as a stop); that one took me around 20 minutes the bus and around 40 minutes the subway (from Eglinton to Kipling) and you don't have to pay extra, just your normal TTC rate.

Can you get to the airport using the TTC now?

Ohh, I forgot, the last midnight bus leaves at 4:10am, so when I got to the airport it was like this:


Getting back on track

Hi everyone...

Well, my family is back in Venezuela and I'm almost back to my normal life, so I'll be posting everything soon, just be a little bit patient since I'm still slow catching up with everything and everyone!

I'm also a little bit down since they got back, so my mood is not in writing mode yet :)

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Scene card

The scene card, is a points card for the cineplex movie theaters :) Every time you are going to buy movie tickets, you should present your scene card and that will reward you with 100 points per movie.

Every 1000 points you get to see a free movie! So every 10 movies a free movie, no bad at all!! Another benefit is 10% off in food inside the theater, so you get 10% off popcorns, pop, pizza, hamburguers, etc., depending of the movie theater.

The card is free, and you can get it at:
the scene web page or the quiosks at the movie theater. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Average salary

How much can you expect to make?

That's a question that everyone keeps asking, and of course there is no set answer but at least we can have an idea, right? A lot of people have different careers or job opportunities and live in different cities, so maybe this can help.

You can go to Monster salary and choose a job title that it's suited to what you want to know, and the city you are looking for. After selecting those 2 options, you'll be presented with subcategories to what you chose before, select one and click "create salary report".

And there you have it, averages in the area you wanted to see :) Which can go from managers to sales clerk, and a lot of different career paths.

Friday, 1 August 2008

YMCA information sessions

I got an email from YMCA informing me of the information sessions they are going to have in july and august (Sorry, didn't have time to post july), so I wanted to give you the information for august in case someone is interested :)

05/08: Canada: A nation (10am - 12pm)
06/08: Telephone skills & networking (10am - 12pm)
07/08: Your road to employment (5:30pm - 7:30pm)
09/08: Canadian workplace culture (11am - 1pm)
12/08: Your financial rights (10am - 12pm)
13/08: Internationally educated accountants (10am - 12pm)
14/08: You've just arrived (French) (10am - 12pm)
16/08: Ontario education system for students (11am - 1pm)
19/08: Welcome to Toronto! (9:30am - 12pm)
20/08: Internationally educated teachers (10am - 12pm)
21/08: Become an apprentice (5:30pm - 7:30pm)
26/08: Labour market Information (10am -12pm)
30/08: Ontario education system for parents (11am - 1pm)

All the information sessions are free, and you only need to call to (416)928-3362 ext. 2165 to get more information or register to one of them (or more).

Those information sessions will be held at the YMCA at 42 Charles st. east, 3rd floor (less than a block from bloor subway station) and their working hours are monday to thursday from 9am to 8pm, friday from 9am to 2pm and saturdays from 10am to 2pm.