Saturday, 23 August 2008

Getting to the airport

There are a few ways to get to the airport:
- Taxi
- Car
- Special buses

A taxi from Pearson Airport to Downtown Toronto can cost between $40 and $60 depending of the type of car (if it's a van or a regular car), if you use the taximeter or a flat rate, and what part of Toronto you are going. You can normally pay with credit card but it's always better to ask before hand and is normal to give a tip of 15% to the taxi driver, specially if you have luggage with you and he helps you.

By car you can find directions with a GPS or google maps, so I'll skip that one, and there are so many special buses that you have to look for them and since I didn't use any, I'll leave it to you.

To get to the airport for my family arrival, I used TTC

The buses you have to use depends completely of the time you are taking the bus. I wanted to be at 6:30am at the airport, so I couldn't use the subway and needed to use the midnight bus service. The midnight bus are buses that work when the subway is closed at night and you can take the one to the airport at Eglinton, wich was perfect for me! Is normal price and the duration from Yonge & Eglinton to Pearson Airport is around 1 hour.

Another way if the subway is already open, is using the subway to get to Kipling station and then taking the rocket to the airport (is another bus that only has the airport as a stop); that one took me around 20 minutes the bus and around 40 minutes the subway (from Eglinton to Kipling) and you don't have to pay extra, just your normal TTC rate.

Can you get to the airport using the TTC now?

Ohh, I forgot, the last midnight bus leaves at 4:10am, so when I got to the airport it was like this:



Kathleen said...

Hi Aiglee,

I work with Career Edge Organization. We run the Career Bridge program. My collegue Ollie had recommended you for a profile I'm trying to write about successful Career Bridge interns but I didn't have access to your contact information. Oddly enough only a couple days later I did a Google blog search for 'Career Bridge' and found your blog. You've written a tonne of very useful information for newcomers and we're grateful you mentioned Career Bridge and the process for having credential assessed.

If you'd be interested in more information about being profiled could you please contact me at . (I'd email you directly but we have strict rules about the use of that information and as you are not a current intern I can't. I'd be happy to explain by email or phone).



P.S. If you're on Facebook check out the Career Bridge alumni group. Our next event should be at the end of October.

Aiglee said...

Hi Kathleen, thank you so much! It will be an honour, I just sent you an email so we can communicate :)

Carlos said...

Hi Aiglee, I hope you're doing well.
There's another way to get to the airport, Airport Express provides transportation service to and from the airport. Here you have the web page link, the buses are very comfortable and the tickets aren't expensive; $18.50 one way and $29.95 round trip.


Aiglee said...

Thanks Carlos :D