Monday, 1 September 2008

Family life

How do kids and adolescents take it when you take them out of their life and into a new country? A new life?

Kids and adolescents adapt a lot faster than adults, there is no doubt about that, but do they miss something? Most of them miss and need their family... What can you do about it, when your kid is looking for a new grandma or granddad , a new aunt or uncle, and doesn't find it?

Is incredible how your relantionship with other families helps a lot in these cases, since your new friends will be their new family. I found in my new life an adoptive nephew!

This is a drawing he did one day we went out together:

(On the bottom from left to right you have him, his mum and his dad. On the top from right to left you have Igor and me, and we just told him to draw his family!)

A few days ago his beautiful mother, Nelly, told me that Xavi calls me aunt Aiglee, and I went WOW! incredible, I love it, I'm happy of being his aunt Aiglee. Yesterday, we were in his house for the first time and I was distracted doing something when that beautiful boy comes close to me and tells me "auntie, auntie" and I go "yes?" and he says "I love you so much!". I can't start to describe how my heart felt at that moment :) And when we were leaving their house he tells me "I'm going to miss you all day tomorrow and all night!" Ohhh, God, I love my new adoptive nephew!.

Adolescents are not that different. The day before yesterday I met the kids of other friends and she tells me "we are like family now, right?", again, oh my God! so lovely! "Of course, we are family now!".

Please, when you immigrate, choose your friends carefully, since they will be your kids's new family! I'm happy with my friends, and feel honored of them becoming my kids's new second family.


Zhu said...

I think immigrating can be tough for kids and teens. Sure, they adapt faster, but they mostly follow the parents' decision... it's important to ask them how they feel about their new country. My 2 cents ;)

Aiglee said...

Completely agree Zhu :D