Saturday, 6 September 2008

My family was here

As everyone know, my family was here for 15 days, they left on the 20th. I really can't post pictures about it, because I don't want to expose their pictures without their permission and I don't have them ^^ But, for family and friends that want to see them, just let me know! I'll give you the link with a few of them, 3 DVDs of pictures is just too much xD

We did so many things:
- Tim Hortons
- Kensington Market
- Harbourfront
- Toronto Island
- CN Tower
- Wonderland
- Queen street
- Little Italy
- Greektown
- Little Brasil (with a Brasil festival included ;))
- Niagara Falls
- Beisbol game at the Rogers Centre
- The Beaches
- Eaton Centre and York Mills
- My office
- Just walking around the city
- Meeting our friends
- Eating japanese, italian, greek, hot dogs, etc. at home and the street

I miss them, that's impossible not to do, but I know I'll be fine, I know I can do it. I love my new city too much, and my friends... well, they are my new family and I love them!

Besides the memories, my family left me with something else, 6 suitcases of things we left in Venezuela :)

We had to buy 2 new bookcases in Ikea:

And we have back our beautiful wedding album:

With every passing moment, our house is becoming more and more, our home.


Zhu said...

:D I like you said Tim Hortons first :D

Looks like home now...! I'm sure it was tough to let them go back, but you will visit each other again soon I'm sure!

Aiglee said...

Of course Tim Hortons first xD Yeah, a lot more like home, still, we want to buy something so we can really call it home, but soon!!

Johnada said...

Tim Hortons - hooray! But what about Pizza Pizza or poutine?

My wife and I just moved, and we were at IKEA a couple of times. They've got some nice, inexpensive things, but that place sucks the life right out of m.

Aiglee said...

I forgot to mention Pizza Pizza!!!!

My dad is very picky with how he likes his food, specially pizzas, and he loved Pizza Pizza! We even got 6 free slices for the 7 strikes out at the Beisbol game :D

Nelson said...

Hi Aiglee,
Did you get to see Franco de Vita this past weekend?

Aiglee said...

No Nelson, actually I don't like him :( sorry