Sunday, 14 September 2008


It's time to go to the supermarket, so many choices, so little time... In Toronto we have Rabbas, Sobeys, No Frills, Loblaws and Dominion among others. Rabbas, Sobeys and Dominion are for the most part open 24 hours a day and no frills is the less expensive one of all, which one to use?

A lot of people choose to do their shopping in the less expensive one; a few more choose to go from supermarket to supermarket buying different things in different places, like going to Sobeys for the best fruits, no frills for the rest, and every kind of combination you can think of.

In our case we go to Dominion all the time, and now we are trying to buy shampoo, soap and that kind of things in Shoppers (24 hours Pharmacy), why Dominion? Because is SO close, that's another way of seeing it right? ;)

For your budget, we spend for both of us, around $200 a month. I just heard about $600 a month for 2 adults and 2 adolescents, and in general it depends of the supermarket and what kind of thinks you like to eat :)

And for more specific prices, here you have a flyer for the dominion, or choose any store to see Loblaws flyer, and same with No Frills!

Enjoy :)


Johnada said...

$200 is probably a little lower than us. Unfortunately, we like cheese too much, and it is expensive. We usually go to different markets depending on what we're in the mood for, but Loblaws is definitely the closest. It's good to have lots of options!

Zhu said...

We have a fairly low food budget but Ottawa may be a bit cheaper. We usually shop at Food Basic for the veggies/ fruits (when the markets are closed in winter), Shoppers for toiletry products and Loblaws or Superstore for the rest.

Aiglee said...

I've been trying to do what you said about buying in different supermarkets depending of what we are looking for, but the comodity of having this one right downstairs is too much xD

We'll see if we can change that in a future, I'm already trying to buy toiletry products in Shoppers following Zhu's recommendation :)

wendypooh said...

Hi Aiglee! I found your blog by Googling "crazy carpets," and I'm so glad I did! I'm originally from northern Ontario (Sudbury) but have lived in Florida for the past 25 years.

I didn't know they still had Dominion stores in Ontario! I miss the butter tarts they had there.

I miss so much about Canada in general. The people there are so much friendlier than here. I miss the seasons and the snow! I loved the video of you and your hubby skating. It brought back memories!

Thanks for sharing your life with us. I've learned a lot about Venezuela and immigration from you!

Aiglee said...

Thank you so much Wendy! I'm really glad you like it :D

Well, we had Dominion until last week! hahaha, They just changed the name to Metro, so no more Dominion here :)

Do you come back to Canada from time to time? I've been to Florida before (different cities), and in general in the US and let me tell you that I LOVE Canada, I like it much much more :D

Sharon said...

Hi Aiglee

I love your blog. Our family was posted in Venezuela and afterwards in Canada, so although I am not from Venezuela I can understand how you are feeling in freezing Canada.

I have a website about expat moving

I would love to publish one of your daily stories on my Your stories page and to offer a link back to your blog.

Looking forward to hearing from you