Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Movie theaters

One of our favourite hobbies is going to the movies, so we try to go every friday! Sometimes we can't manage, or we don't have any movie we'd like to see, but more often than no, you'll find us friday's nights at the movie theater.

There are economic movie theaters and some that are more expensive but in general, you can expect to pay around $11.95 general, and $14.95 for Imax. We pay that in the Cineplex movie theaters, and we really really like them. We have one in the concourse level and we go to another one close to Queen street which has an Imax.

In the food department you can expect to pay around $10 for a food combo (popcorns, nachos, hot dog, etc), and you can find other types of food inside, like eating burger king while watching your movie ;)

Whatever movie theater you choose, try to see if it has special promotions like the cineplex theaters that have the scene card I talked in a past post. That one will give you a free movie every 10 movies, and 10% off in food inside the movie theater :)


Zhu said...

I go a lot too. I found the Scene card was actually useful (one free movie every month for us) and it's free. I'm sure you guys have it in TO.

Aiglee said...

Yeah, we do, I like it a lot!