Friday, 27 May 2011

Sunday fun - Port Rowan

This last weekend was a long weekend because of the Victoria Day Holiday, so it was a nice rest for some and an adventure weekend for others :) Mine I would classify as half and half, and one of the things I did during the weekend was to visit a town I didn't know, Port Rowan.

Port Rowan is a little town right next to Lake Erie with just a few shops and lots of farm houses everywhere, a little cute place to relax and have a nice time, specially if the weather is as beautiful as it was on sunday afternoon.
It was a nice day of looking at amazing views, walking hearing the birds sing, and eating a great ice cream!! That ice cream parlor is the cutest store I have seen, inside and out and didn't take pictures in it just because I was so mesmerized that didn't event think about it xD

So bought some ice cream, something like chocolate fudge brownie flavor LOL, and went walking down to the dock and the lighthouse, enjoying the little boat houses, and just listening to the birds and the water, so peaceful!!!

A really nice short trip that will forever remember :)

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Doors Open Toronto 2011 - Getting ready!

From the official Doors Open Toronto website:
"Close to 150 buildings of architectural, historic, cultural and/or social significance open their doors to the public. Admission is free. Doors Open Toronto 2011 theme is Photography."

I love Doors Open Toronto! Went 2 years ago, missed it last year and I'm really excited to go this year again. Every year they have different places to go and you can never go to all of them in one event, so year after year you have new places to visit :)

This year I'm very proud to promote a very cool, very useful, very FREE iphone/ipod/i_everything application a good friend of mine developed. Is a Doors Open Toronto app that will show you all the places open this year, map to see where they are located, description of the places and categories of what you may want or may not want to see.

Are you interested in only visiting churches? Not churches at all? Haunted places? Ecological places? So many categories where to choose from! and you can add your itinerary in the app so you don't forget any of the important places you want to visit.

So, who is going this year?! And if you have an apple device, check out the app and let me know what you think! :)