Monday, 11 July 2011

Fireworks, MTG and Anime

How to keep busy? With a ton of fun stuff to do xD Thats why I haven't been posting as much as I want to, too many fun things to do to miss them :)

This year for the first time I fired my own fireworks with a group of friends! They do it every year for Canada day, and this year I had the pleasure of going with them and even get my own special fireworks, the bandito LOL
Went to a park, had some music, $800 of fireworks, chairs, blankets and lots and lots of fun! Spent more than 2 hours firing them hahahaha

This weekend on the other hand, had my second pre-release tournament of MTG :D The only girl around 30 guys or so, I won the door prize, probably because of my interesting status at that moment hahaha, but not complaining about that! A lot of fun playing cards, won 1 round, lost the other 2, but have great cards for my collection and will get my prize at the end of August, yeay!!

Besides that? Lots and lots of anime!! I normally try to be watching one anime at all times, but somehow right now I'm watching 4 anime + avatar the cartoon, how did I get in so much to do, I will never know LOL But have so much fun doing it that I will keep at it xD So thats why I haven't been writting too much, but I'll keep trying, not going away, just trying to find the balance :)