Friday, 1 August 2008

YMCA information sessions

I got an email from YMCA informing me of the information sessions they are going to have in july and august (Sorry, didn't have time to post july), so I wanted to give you the information for august in case someone is interested :)

05/08: Canada: A nation (10am - 12pm)
06/08: Telephone skills & networking (10am - 12pm)
07/08: Your road to employment (5:30pm - 7:30pm)
09/08: Canadian workplace culture (11am - 1pm)
12/08: Your financial rights (10am - 12pm)
13/08: Internationally educated accountants (10am - 12pm)
14/08: You've just arrived (French) (10am - 12pm)
16/08: Ontario education system for students (11am - 1pm)
19/08: Welcome to Toronto! (9:30am - 12pm)
20/08: Internationally educated teachers (10am - 12pm)
21/08: Become an apprentice (5:30pm - 7:30pm)
26/08: Labour market Information (10am -12pm)
30/08: Ontario education system for parents (11am - 1pm)

All the information sessions are free, and you only need to call to (416)928-3362 ext. 2165 to get more information or register to one of them (or more).

Those information sessions will be held at the YMCA at 42 Charles st. east, 3rd floor (less than a block from bloor subway station) and their working hours are monday to thursday from 9am to 8pm, friday from 9am to 2pm and saturdays from 10am to 2pm.


Zhu said...

I have to check for similar sessions in Ottawa - I wonder if the local YMCA has them.

I'd love to attend a couple.

Aiglee said...

I'm sure they do, that must be more or less the same for all YMCAs