Saturday, 9 August 2008

Scene card

The scene card, is a points card for the cineplex movie theaters :) Every time you are going to buy movie tickets, you should present your scene card and that will reward you with 100 points per movie.

Every 1000 points you get to see a free movie! So every 10 movies a free movie, no bad at all!! Another benefit is 10% off in food inside the theater, so you get 10% off popcorns, pop, pizza, hamburguers, etc., depending of the movie theater.

The card is free, and you can get it at:
the scene web page or the quiosks at the movie theater. Enjoy!!!


Zhu said...

I have it and I get quite a lot of free movies. I'm at Scotiabank too... it helps.

Claire said...

Dear Aiglee,

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Aiglee said...

Zhu, yeah, its that good, I already got a few free movies! :)

Thank you so much Claire, it's an honor, and it will be my pleasure to join!

Bhanushree said...

Yeah I have a scene card + Scotia card too. If going with friends swipe the cards 2 times [1 ticket each time] and you get double points. So that will give you 200 points per movie, if using a scotiacard with it that adds more points!!!
Usually we go with friends so why not use the oppurtunity! Also sign up for Scene updates email, they send mails for special movies which gives extra points like X2 points within some days of release. So in that case we get 400 points per movie which is awesome!!!
Am a BIG movie buff.. it shows I guess :p

Aiglee said...

Thanks for the tip Bhanu! :)