Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Leaving my second home

One of the hardest things I have done so far is leaving my second home, since I haven't leave my home yet ^^ . My second home it's my beautiful university, "Universidad Central de Venezuela".

As a kid I grew up in the university, since my dad worked there and both my mum and dad studied there too. I went to Economy classes while I was in my mum womb, I went to the classrooms when I was a little girl and also played ball, used my bicycle, skated and did all kind of things.

I did my high school thesis in my dad's laboratory and then studied Computer Science in the same Faculty :) While I was a student, I loved to walk the long corridors of my University and take pictures, although I don't have a single one in digital, so these are taken from the Internet. I made a lot of friends and took music and photography classes too.

I met the love of my life in the same career and he is now my husband, I was a teacher assistant in my student years and then, after I graduated, I became a professor for more than 2 years. I really love to teach, to see the faces of my students after they get something they didn't understand before, to be in a classroom full of memories, to give something to the university that gave me all...

I love everything about my second home, did you know that all the university offices smell alike? even if you go to one of the modules in another city, it smells the same!
The motto it's "La casa que vence las sombras", "the house the conquers the shadows", it's so perfect!
And if you go to the Aula Magna, you'll fall in love with it, the smell is special, the atmosphere, the history, the memories...

I can't leave my second home, I'm leaving with it in my heart and memories, I will never forget it.


Tina said...

You will have lots of fun living in Canada. There is so much to do, and great places to visit in Ontario and all around our country. Being a Canadian and living in now China, we too have started a blog, since things are so different in many ways. The Canadians are warm and friendly. Enjoy our country and wish you the best.

Zhu said...

Ah... I liked the Spanish one but being able to read fluently is priceless ! :D

Growing up in a university ? That's quite an experience !

How do you feel about Canada right now ? Being an immigrant is prob. the toughest thing I've ever been, but the most rewarding too. It's a strange experience... an really good one for me actually.

Aiglee said...

That's great tina! I'm sure I'll enjoy Canada, since it looks like such a great country. I just added your blog to my favourites so I can know more about your experience, sounds fun :)

Hi Zhu!!! I'm glad you like to read it in spanish :D And you can practice your reading at the same time xD

I really loved to be in the university, it's unique and you get to see a lot of great things :)

I'm not in Canada yet, I'll be landing November, 27th. But I've been reading about it a LOT and I'm in love already, it's like an on-line love relantionship where we are going to meet face to face in 61 days xD

Kate said...

Just happened upon your blog, extremely fascinating since my best friend's life appears to be quite similar to yours: grew up in la Central because her father was a professor there, did her bachillerato there, but then unfortunately had to leave because of el simio de Miraflores.

Hope to continue reading your blog!

Best regards, Kate