Monday, 24 September 2007

Health Insurance

Hi everyone! Did you check if you are going to need health insurance once you arrive in your province? In Ontario you have to wait 3 months before you can use your OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan), so you need a private health insurance for that period.

I know of 3 choices so far, one is very risky, one is a personal choice, and the other one is the one that we are using and recommend.

With the bad one you arrive in Canada without health insurance and hope and pray you don't need one in those 3 months :S

With the second one, you travel to Canada with a travel insurance from your country for the first few days and find a new insurance in Canada for the rest of the waiting period ;)

With the third one, you find an insurance company that gives you an online quote for you and your family, so you can buy that one from your home country and once you are in the plane you are already covered for those 3 months. I really like this one, and we are going to buy our insurance like this from the Canadian Blue Cross since that one was the one our lawyer recommended :)

Do you have another idea or insurance company you recommend?

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