Monday, 24 September 2007

Changing dates...

I already mentioned that having the visas in your hands and waiting to travel with them was very, very, very hard...well...we couldn't wait anymore and decided to change the date of our fligh, so we are now leaving to Canada at the end of November, the 27th to be exact.

Everyone is asking over and over again: WHY!?. Well, we have a lot of reasons, and everyone thinks that one or the other it's not enough, but it's a lot for us so we are sticking with our decision. If you want to know some of the reasons, here they are:
  • We are going to have in Venezuela a referendum to modify the constitution in December, and I'm afraid something could happen, so I want to leave just in case.
  • The Loonie (Canadian dollar) is gaining strength against the US dollar and all our savings are in US dollars, so we are losing savings each day.
  • We are tired of Caracas, every day is more stressful that the last one.
  • We are eager to start our new life... new home, new jobs, new city, and hopefully after a year or so, a new addition to our family ;)
We spent all week trying to change our fligh, since you have to change the tickets with the IOM if you bought them with them and they are a little "slow", but finally, yesterday we had our new tickets.

Yesterday we told my family and my mum was ok with the change, she said that she already expected that we wouldn't be able to wait so long xD But my dad was SO SAD! He didn't want me to hug him and he said he wouldn't take me to the airport :( but I know that time heals everything and he'll be ok in a few days, or at least I hope so. My "little" sister was sad too, she was kicking us out of the house because she will have my room once I leave, but all the same she was sad with the news, and my other sister (middle one) doesn't know yet since I didn't have the opportunity to tell her.

But I'm still happy with the decision... Just 64 days more to go!!! :)

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