Monday, 24 September 2007

My first post!

Hi everyone! This is my first post in my new blog and I decided to introduce myself first. I'm a Venezuelan girl, married, and with a big dream about to become true. We got married in April, 2005 and we've been living with my parents and sisters since then because our big dream was moving to another country to start a new life.

Last year, in April 2006 we went to those immigration conferences about Canada they give every few months and in less than 2 days we felt that was our path and decided to hire our new lawyer and start the process.

A little over a year later (may) we had our rutinary interview with our lawyer, but it wasn't so rutinary after all since she told us that day "Just yesterday we received the papers from the embassy asking for your medicals"... What??!! We couldn't believe it, even her was surprised :)

We had our medicals in June and the lawyer told us that we should hear from the embassy in 3 months more or less. Well, we could wait... But a month later Igor (my husband) told me to go to the computer (were he was) to see something... We had received an email from our lawyer explaining when to go to the embassy to GET OUR VISAS!!!! WOW, that was fast! I like it!

Now I want to share with everyone the details of the process, waiting until January to go to Canada and anything and everything we can think of ^^

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Inga Encinas said...

Hey, I found you in Zhu's blog and decided to say hello :) It's very nice to read blogs of people with simlar situation. Me and my husband have just moved to Canada. Also, It's nice that I can read your blog either in spanish, coz I' afraid I can forget it if I don't use it. My husband is spanish, but we speak mostly in english...
Hope to hear from you, Inga