Friday, 28 September 2007

Toronto budget for 2

Did you do your homework and calculated how much money will you need once you arrive in Canada? We did it, so now we have a good budget for 2 people living in Toronto, and it was approved for our lawyer and some friend that live there ^^

  • Rent: $1.200
  • Utilities: $250 (if the rent includes utilities, then it's something like $1.400 for rent)
  • Food: $600
  • Transportation: $200 (bus and subway)
  • Winter clothes and winter related: $100 (preparations in summer)
  • Mobile phone: $100
  • Internet and TV: $100
  • Others: $600 (Entertainment and others)
Now, a little detail. The amount for rent for example, it's for an apartment with no furniture, in the middle of downtown Toronto, with 2 or 3 bedrooms. If you don't want to pay so much, you can stay a little away of downtown where rent can drop a lot from that amount. It all depends how much you want/need to be in downtown and if you need a pool and stuff like that.

The amount for food is buying all kinds of foods (meats, fruits, vegetables, desserts) in a good supermarket, so you won't starve with that kind of money for food ;)

Our transportation consist of two 99CND dollars passes for subway and buses ilimited for a month ^^

In winter clothes and winter related, you can see that we are planning 100CND dollars a month, so you don't have to make a BIG investment in one seat. You need to include here clothing, shoes, and all the things you'll need to not get frozen in the middle of nowhere :p

As you can see, we have 100CND dollars for mobile phones, this one doesn't include the actual cellular phone you are going to need, just the amount you are going to pay with Rogers or Fido or Bell, for 2 mobile lines to get in touch with each other and possible employment offers.

With 100CND dollars for Internet and TV, you get a good Internet connection and cable at home. Maybe you can live without cable or you won't need Internet at home, so you can cut expenses here, but we need at least the Internet connection ;)

Others it's an emergency and entertainment amount you need to be aware of. You'll want to go to the movies, or the theater, or a concert, so you need to have this in your mind. And you never know if you'll need something you didn't think of, so you have this money saved in case of an emergency.

As you can see, we don't have here one time expenses like the health insurance for the first months because we already mentioned it, the same goes for the temporary accommodation. You can also see that you can cut a little more in this expenses if you need a smaller place, or you don't need the Internet connection or other stuff like that, so this a very confortable budget ;)

The grand total? 3.150 CND dollars a month for a very confortable budget for 2 ^^


Moe said...

how did your budget in the first year differed from this one here?
How different is it now with car and home payments?


Aiglee said...

Hi Moe! Thanks for that question! the budget for the first year was really similar :D And I'll post about the new budget soon :D