Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Resignation letter, one step closer

Yesterday I gave my resignation letter to my boss and to the Human Resources Department! weeee... One step closer to our new life :D

My boss congratulated me but then said that he couldn't be happy because I was leaving, I guess I should be glad that they are not happy with me leaving, right? The girl in the HR Department just told me that they would call me in 2 weeks asking for some medical tests and to sign a few documents for them. Medical tests when you are leaving? Well, it seems that they want to avoid a possible legal demand from me, saying that I got sick working here, funny xD

This is my second letter of resignation in less than 2 months, since I was working as a professor in the UCV (Universidad Central de Venezuela) and had to resign first there, so I wouldn't leave classes just in the middle ;)

When I took that letter to the university I was SO SAD!!! I even cried that day and the night before because it is hard to leave your second home, and that is what that university is to me, a second home... I couldn't throw away the lessons I used to teach and told my mum to please keep them for a while and throw them without me knowing, I'm still sad thinking about it :(

I'm not sad leaving this job. I will miss the friends I made here, but I'll keep in contact with them once I leave, I will not miss the things I did here since I can always find a job like this one in Toronto if I want to, I will not miss the stressfull Caracas...

Do you want to know what is so special about my other job that I will miss that one but not this one? Just stay tunned, I'll write about it soon :)

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