Thursday, 27 September 2007

$ vs Loonie

I know it's a little late to talk about this subject since it has been a topic for a few days now, but better late than ever, and it will be usefull for everyone in the immigration process.

As you may know, the dollar is loosing strength, or at least it lost a lot last week, so a lot of people need to think of that when calculating the amount you need for proof of funds.

If you have been saving the money you need as proof of funds in an US account, a few months back you only needed $10.000 for 2 people, but now you need to have more than $12.000, so it's a great difference and you need to be careful with that.

So remember this and try your hardest to have a few hundreds more (at least) in your bank account, since you are going to need to show this amount with all the immigration paperwork and at the port of landing. Well, at the port of landing you may or may not needed, it seems to be completely at the discretion of the immigration official and most often than not, you won't need to show it ;)


Zhu said...

I'm so lucky I didn't have to show proof of funds (I did the sponsorship). But you're right, people are to be aware of that !

Aiglee said...

I don't remember reading you did the sponsorship route ^^ I must have miss it! I want to sponsor my parents once I'm there, is it true that I need to be working for at least a year before I can do that?

I decided to write about that because a friend of mine is starting the process and we talk about it every day, and he told me yesterday "Hey!, you need to write about this, you don't have yet in your blog", and I agreed :D