Sunday, 25 November 2007

Tomorrow is the day

Tomorrow we are leaving to the airport, the first part with our luggage is over y we are in the max. allowed in weight, size and quantity with everything, from checked baggage to laptop bag :)

We are tired but excited, happy to begin our new life but sad that we are leaving our families and friends, but we are leaving them all with the same message "We'll see each other again there!"

Every goodbye has taken a little bit of my heart, and it's so small right now, I never experienced that, maybe it's because I haven't cry?

I have told everyone not to cry because we are going to see each other again, we are not saying goodbye forever, and everyone has a piece of my heart; maybe that it's why I feel my heart so small.

I have said goodbye to a grandmother, uncles and aunts, cousands and their sons and daughters, I'm taking with my pictures of everyone and the most beautiful memories of so much love and care, and I'll miss EVERYONE, I love them all and I hope to see them again.

In fact, I'm leaving a few boxes they have to take with them when they go to visit us, I'll give then a roof and/or food :D. At the end, we are leaving 6 big boxes, 4 small ones and a bag ;)

Now I have to get ready to go to the airport tomorrow and leave the rest of my heart with my parents; if I'm feeling my heart so small right now, could I feel it at all tomorrow?


Zhu said...

Good luck and... don't catch a cold!

I know how hard it is to leave and say goodbye... be strong girl, maybe we can call each other once you're settled! ;)

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

When You read this you are already there, I hope had a good trip!!! How stupid that I said this, well I mean it positive.

But more important is that you are gonna feel home!! What can I say more than "that you have to take the time to get used" and find you own ritme.

Why would you NOT see your famiy back again?You never can tell,I visited also my aunt and cousins in Canada, or my friend in Italy and another in France, and I am living in Holland!

Something completely else:
Thats also why I did not visit your blog for a while, I was not home....
Please be welcome to visit my blog, we have been to PARIS and I showa lot of hugh collages ( many photo's)of musea's we have visited there, and also a slide-show of the food in France, be welcome I hope you enjoy the photo's .

Greetings from JoAnn :)

HUGHS and kisses.
Take care!!!:)

James Marini said...

im curious of the ticket prices... how much would it cost for 1 to travel from venezuela to toronto? well i know its always different, but do you mind telling me what you paid? it would give me an idea

Aiglee said...

Hi James, I don't have current prices and completely forgot how much I paid. Just go to aircanada and see how much it would be, you don't have to buy them.

James Marini said...

thanks so much :) i found them out using your advice! hmmm i didnt get a reply from you on facebook, so i guess ill try to think of all the things i wanted to ask you here. (if you dont mind, theres lots) well my girlfriend is in venezuela and i am in toronto canada. she is in med school, and she writes perfect english, but she has troubles speaking (or shes shy of her accent) im wondering, if it was a problem for you to learn english, get a job, and if your schooling from venezuela, was good for getting a job here? did you have to do any extra coarse? umm what else.. hmm i guess, was it really as bad as they say over there with crime and bad htings happening? im going to visit barquisimeto for a week in january and she will return to toronto with me.. but my friend from venezuela warned me.. i firgured id get a second opinion from you, since you've lived in both venezuela and canada. from what i understand you lived in caracas.. which seems to be the highlight of where the crime happens.. please let me know, it wont change my mind to go.. but i want to know what to get ready for.. and if you have any tips for me to stay out of trouble. one last thing.. do you think leaving the country will be a problem for me? i mean, i know hugo chavez isnt the biggest fan of americans or canadians.. thanks! im glad to have your opinion.. thanks again.. gracias. buenas noches aiglee xD

Aiglee said...

Hi James

I'm really really sorry I didn't reply before, I've been FULL of work. You can write to me at too if you want.

I learned english in Venezuela, you can always do that if you have the resources and you are willing to do it, and an university education there is enough to find a job here depending of the career, mine is in IT so it's way easier than others.

The situation in Venezuela is bad, but you can be ok if you follow certain things like not wearing gold (earings, watches, etc), not wearing expensive watches, not showing off expensive cell phones, not showing how much money you have with you, not going out to a ATM in the middle of the night, etc, things that with common sense anyone can follow ;)

And you shouldn't have problems getting out of the country, don't worry about that one :)

Hope you enjoy it there!