Wednesday, 28 November 2007

First day

Hi everyone! I'm finally writing about our trip and our first day i Toronto :D

This is our plane; the picture is pretty dark because it was taken at night, from far, and behind a security glass at the airport xD
The flight was pretty cool and nice, and I even slept a lot! :D

We arrived in Toronto at 6:00am since we took off almost half an hour late from Caracas, around 1:20am aprox. (flight time of almost 6 hours with the time difference)

We first went to the immigration boots where everyone has to go and they ask you the motive of your trip and how long you will be here; then you go to the immigration booths where only foreigns have to go and if you are doing the landing (like us) you have to give them the residence confirmation and show them your bank statement. Then you look for your bags and go to another area where you have to give them the list of goods to follow (they didn't want the list of goods we carried).

We were ready at 7:30am because one of the suitcase didn't arrive with us, so we spend a while fixing that. It turns out that the identification tag that Air Canada gave us went missing, so be very careful with that. But don't worry, when we arrived at night at the apartment, the suitcase was already here :)

The apartment where we are staying is great! It has a very good kitchen with everything, several closets, the bathroom is very clean and everything is working properly and it's clean; the balcony... is great!!!

That first day (yesterday) we went to get of social insurance number, around 15 minutes, and you need your permanent residence confirmation, an address (it can be a friend's address) and passports. We didn't do it at the airport but went to the Human Resources Centre in St. Claire Ave. where they have free Internet access where you can look for a job.

We went to the bank to open our accounts. We did it with RBC with a venezuelan that works in the closest agency to the HRC.

And last we went to the Eaton Centre to buy our new cell phones, where we sign an agreement with FIDO with the couples plan; you pay 35$, 45$ or 55$ and you get unlimited phone calls between the people in the agreement, and free minutes for calls in Toronto. Another good thing is that you get unlimited free calls in Toronto for the first 3 months, they don't charge you with incoming calls and you don't need a credit card, so you can sign it with a debit card.

The cold is enjoyable and I'm very happy with my new city :D The cold is not annoying and the city is so beautiful and cool that the cold is a fun extra ;)


Toronto realtor said...

Welcome to Toronto! Congratulations on having chosen one of the greatest cities in the world to live in.
Here is a small present to you. I have retouched your photo a little bit, it is still rather dark, but the plane in more visible. You can download it from here.
As a Toronto realtor I know how difficult it can be for someone moving to the city. I hope everything will turn out great for you here. Good luck!

Aiglee said...

Thank you!!! The photo looks so much better :D

Do you have apartments to rent too? or just to sell? We want to rent the first year to get to know the city better before buying :D

Toronto realtor said...

Hello! Unfortunately we only buy and sell condos and houses. But I hope in the meantime you have already found a place to spend the first couple of months of your new life. I wish you a merry Christmas, and an even happier New Year! And don't forget to visit my Toronto condos website when you'll decide to buy a condo for yourself.