Friday, 16 November 2007

International Driver's License

More paperwork! xD I came back from Maracay this week and decided to spend time with my family, but wednesday was appointment with the endocrinologist (done) and the dentist (done), UCV work letter (done) and international driver's license (done).

Tomorrow is party with all my family :D

So, the international driver's license allows you to drive for a year without the Canadian driver's license. I also read somewhere that you need it to get the Canadian driver's license faster and easier, I'll let you know about that! ^^

That one is a little booklet with your picture, some information, and your license level (our third one is B), and some pages with the same information in Italian, french, english, german, etc.

I got it whith the Touring y Automovil club de Venezuela, that is part of the AAA in the United States. You need a picture 3x4, your driver's license, and your identification, and photocopies in color of the driver's license and your identification.


Zhu said...

Is this one yours? If yes, woohoo, I finally saw you! ;)

Wise girl, making all your appointment and paperwork before you leave. Well organized, better than I was !

Aiglee said...

Yes, is me ^^ I think it was taken 1 or 2 years ago xD

When I get to Canada I'll post more pictures of me xD

Clint Moore said...

Hi, Aiglee. For how long is an international driver's license usually valid? Does it take long to have it processed? This can be quite handy for frequent travelers and those who decide to get a car abroad or something like that.

Aiglee said...

Hi Clint

In Venezuela it was really easy for me, it was just taking a picture and 1 or 2 more papers (don't remember exactly anymore) and went there; an hour later I had the license.

The international driver's license is valid for 1 year, but is tricky because of this:
* With your normal driver's license, you are allowed to drive for 3 months.
* If you are a resident in Canada (don't know in other countries), you can't drive with an international license for more than 3 months.

So, is it worth it? I guess it depends on each situation and the country, maybe is not necessary because you are spending less than 3 months there... maybe you are spending longer but then make sure they accept the international one, just so it's not a waste of money :)