Thursday, 15 November 2007

This is my bag

My friend Zhu taged me with another meme xD This time I need to show my bag and whats inside ^^

I'll make it short since I still have a ton of stuff to do ;)

This is my bag :D
I have a few others, but this one is perfect for my everyday , is beautiful and can handle everything I need ;)

These are the items that fit inside and that I always try to carry with me ^^

I have my reading glasses, makeup, a little mirror, my unbrella, wallet, coin bag, book (of course I change it everytime I finish it :p ), cellular phone, pen, check book, pill case, usb memory (1 GB), and a swiss army knife with microlight :D

This time I won't name wich girls I want to tag since everyone is so busy, but you are all invited to do this meme :D


Zhu said...

Glasses, pill... this is a very practical bag !

You do carry quite a lot of stuffs as well... but you somehow look more organized than me ! :D

I have to read that Stephen King...

Aiglee said...

hehe, thank you zhu :)

Well, about organized I just think it's the pictures xD and the book is GREAT, very dark... I'm less that half way but I love Stephen King ^^

Angel of Delusion said...

I followed the link on Zhu's blog here. Moving is always stressful and busy but moving to another country ... wow! I have moved a few times within the US and what a pain to pack up all your stuff. What do you do with your furniture when you move to another country? Particularly if the two countries are so far apart.

Anyway, I thought I would take you up on the meme for sharing what in my bag. I can't do it today but it looks like fun so I'll do it soon.

Aiglee said...

It really is stressful ^^ You can move your furniture in a container, or you can do as us an sell it our leave it here, and then buy everything there xD

I'll be checking your blog from now on and waiting for your bag :p