Thursday, 29 November 2007


We love the TTC, we have been everywhere with our feets and the subway, so you need a way of saving time and money when you are using it that much.

Every time you are going to use the subway, you need a token (a little coin) for 2.25$, but if you are using the subway a LOT, you would do go buying the metropass, wich can be weekly or monthly.

The weekly card is useful from monday to sunday of the ongoing week, so if you need to take the subway a saturday, you are better off buying tokens until monday and then buy the new card. This metropass is priced at a little bit more than 30$.

The monthly card is valid from the first day of the month until the last one, and is priced at 109$, so if you need it on the 27th like us, you better buy the weekly or tokens until the first one of the next month.

You can buy the monthly metropass between the 24th of the previous month and the 4th of the month for wich you are buying the card, and that card (and the weekly) can be paid with credit or debit in the following stations:
  • Debit: Finch, Kennedy, Kipling y Downsview.
  • Debit o Credit: Union, Dundas (east side only), Bloor-Yonge (north side only), and Davisville.
Although we buy them at Bloor-Yonge and the machine (you do it yourself) said "only debit", the same in Union station; I didn't try to use credit ^^


Zhu said...

I love the subway in TO, even the buses are pretty good... much better than in Ottawa.

Lucky you! ;)

Aiglee said...

Good to hear that :D