Friday, 9 November 2007

The beach!

Sorry that I didn't post before, I was at the beach :D

We are visiting my husband's family and since we are so close to the beautiful beach and we are going to spend so much time in the snow, we decided to take a lot of sun for 3 days :D

So today I'm back to my mothers in law house ^^ The Internet is painfully slow, and I can't post a link or post pictures of where I was, but it was great there! The 2 of us alone in an apartment and around 10 people in 100meters of beach, so cool!

Update! The Internet is a little bit better, so here it is, 2 pictures of where we were (I didn't take them, I forgot my camara :( )

On a side note, we are so sad with what is happening in Venezuela I can't even post about it, I can't think about it or I'll cry :(

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