Thursday, 22 November 2007

Certifying papers

Today I went to the embassy and took my university degree, scores, and more, to get certified by the Canadian Embassy :)

I had to be there in the morning since they don't accept them in the afternoon, with a lot of money so they would certify all of our university papers! They will take 2 days, so I have to pick them up Monday morning, then lunch with our parents and take off!!!!

It's SO close already :D And yet so far with snow falling today in Toronto; I really wanted to be there for the first snow, but it's ok, I'll be there next week! Wait for me Toronto, here we come :D


wapentake said...

The big storm didn't really materialize in Toronto, although my drive time was doubled this morning.

Looks like you'll be here when the first real snowfall hits.

Good luck with your last minute preparations. Hope all goes well :)

Tina said...

By the end of winter, you will be happy not to see snow anymore. Though I have to say, I do miss the seasons especially near the holidays.

Good luck with the move. Enjoy Canada!

Zhu said...

Smart girl, you're so organized!

I'll think of you on Monday ;)

Aiglee said...

Thanks everyone! I'm very excited to see the snow and live winter :D

And my husband and I have a bet on how long can I get without hating the snow hahahahha

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...


wow thats something here in Holland the sun is still shining, what do you say now? are you now a canadian citizen? If so my congrats!

Look/listen to/at my Paris and Holland slides :)Have a wonderfull weekend:)


Aiglee said...

Hi Joann, thanks! I will

The day after tomorrow I will be officialy a Canadian Permanent Resident :D