Saturday, 27 October 2007


I'm so sorry it took so much time for me to post again!!! I finished working this wednesday and I've been busy with all the things we have to do before take off ^^

I have to write about leaving my last job in Venezuela, but they keep calling me asking about a system I made, even today! So, no goodbye for them until they stop calling me for work :p

What kind of things are we doing? We had to go to the "Ministerio de Educacion Superior" to give them our university diplomas, scores, pensum and programs, and then we had to go again to pick them; one they you take them there and the next day you can pick them up.

Then I had to go to the "Ministerio de Exteriores" for the same thing, BUT I went this friday, and they don't like working fridays, so they said "we don't have system today, come back next week" -_-

I had to go to the cleaners and to the bank, and working on the phone for hours :( It's a lot of work, so I'm a little tired, but you know what? I'm happy, I'm closer to leaving and already doing the final preparations; you should see my calendar! It has a lot of medical appointments and legal paperwork everyday xD

Do you think one month of "vacations" are enough to do everything before leaving your country for good? Think again!


Zhu said...

I know ! It's always crazy before a trip... let alone for immigration !

Take one step at the time and relax. Keep your energy for Toronto !

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

How interesting is your blog head already, In your profile I found out that you are from Venezuela (we have been there on Holiday) and if I understand you well, you moved now to Toronto in Canada?

Well that might not be easy, or is it easy, what do you think?? I just wondering how it would be to immigrate. Most of my family immigrated to Canada, so I am from Holland, I have been once in Canada , tey live in sevral parts of Canada, last year I went to Canada for the first time...

I love travelling, and my passion is photography, the combination of that both "loves" made me make a blog, to show it to the world and share my 'adventures' with others, also ,

I like to share the interest's of other people in the world, and I like share what moves YOU to go to Canada, just for work? Or do you love the country also?

You are welcome to visit my blog, I hope to see you there, take care,


Aiglee said...

Thank you Zhu! I will :)

Hi Joann, you have such beautiful photos in your blog!!!
I'm glad you liked my blog head, I'll change it as soon as I get pictures there, because I took those from the Internet :$

I am from Venezuela and I have never been to Canada but I've seen it in TV, movies and the Internet and I just love it! I'm sure I'll love it even more once I get there. We decided to move there because we liked it more that our other choices ;)

If it is easy or not, I'll let you know there :) But I think it will be easy since we are so eager to get there and we like it so so so much :D