Friday, 12 October 2007

From my bed

This is what I see from my bed.

That map of Canada has been there for more than a year ^^ Once we decided that we wanted to go to Canada, live there and eventually get the canadian nationality, I bought that map.

You have to see what you want, concentrate on that, work for that, live for that. We see that map at nigh when we are going to bed, and we see that map when we wake up in the morning, and every moment in between when we are in the bedroom xD

When we read my lawyer email telling us that we could go to the embassy to get our visas, I just sat on my husband's legs, both watching our map, watching our future and crying from happiness :)

I love my bedroom and I'm ready to leave it, but one thing is sure, that map is leaving with me... We are going home.


Zhu said...

I have a map of the world above my bed :$

Zhu said...

I love your new header by the way, looks really nice. I'm adding you in my blogroll - sorry, I should have done it earlier but I was lazy ;)

I'll make a screenshot of your blog etc. tonight to put it in my "the world" page ;)

Aiglee said...

So I'm not the only one with a map in my room xD Thats cool Zhu :D

Thank you about the header ^^ Once I'm there and take some pictures by myself I'll replace them, since I took these ones from google :$

And thank you about the blogroll and "the world" page :D I just read your blog in the morning, but I was too sleepy to comment ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi there - you haven't included your email address with your blog, so I hope you get this!

I work as a journalist for the UK-based newspaper Emigrate Canada (, and am looking for people of all nationalities to comment for an article I'm writing on 'multicultural Canada'. I saw your blog on, and wondered whether you might be able to help me?

Could you answer the following questions for me:
- Is there a mix of people from lots of different cultures in Canada?
- Do you have friends in Canada from many different countries?
- What area of Canada do you think is most multicultural?
- Is Canada generally tolerant towards people of different nationalities?

I look forward very much to hearing from you.

Hanna Lindon

Arlene said...

hi, thanks for your blog. its an absolute god-send. we need more people like planning to settle in canada too in the next 2 months. i was wondering what visa did you aply for to get the residency card so quickly?

Aiglee said...

Hi Arlene, I applied for Skilled Worker! Good luck with everything!