Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Driver Licence

I don't have my canadian driver licence so I can't say that the information I'm going to post it's the truth and nothing more than the truth, but this is the information I've been collecting for months now and that's what I'm going to use to get my driver licence once I'm in Canada.

In Canada there are a lot of Licence Types but the ones I'm going to focus on are the G and the G1. The G1 it's the one that allows you to drive "accompanied by a fully licensed driver with at least four years of driving experience", and you get this one if you pass the written test but you haven't taken the road test. Once you pass the road test, they give you the G licence that allows you to drive "any car, van or small truck or combination of vehicle and towed vehicle up to 11,000 kg".

If you have an USA driver licence there is a great chance you can exchange that one for the Canadian one without taking any test, it depends of the State where the driver licence is from as far as I know. If I remember correctly, you can exchange your UK licence too and I'm sure there are lot of other countries that can do it. In fact, this is the official list I found for Ontario: "US States, Austria, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, Korea, and Switzerland".

If you are from any other country, you'll have to take the tests or prove you experience any other way. I've read that you can take your driver licence (from your country) translated to english and an official document where it says the years you've been driving, and they will accept it instead of making you take the test. I don't know how much you have to pay for this.

I'll be letting you know how it goes with me :)


Zhu said...

I'm still stuck with a G1 for now since I had no driver license in France (too expensive to take !).

What immigrants really have to know, if that if they don't have a license, they really have to take the written test (easy) and pass their G1. Then, for a year or so, they won't be able to drive on their own, they have to drive with someone already licensed and experienced.

Good luck with your license ! ;)

Aiglee said...

Hi Zhu! It must be difficult to be stuck with a G1 licence :0 I hope to get at least a G2 since I don't know anybody there.

Thank you! :D

Zhu said...

I'll take my G2 soon (I've been saying that for 3 yrs but anyway.... :D )

Honestly, I'm not a bad driver but I'm not a car person either. I took like 3 driving tests back in France and failed them all. I have to say that French tests are well known to be difficult and expensive, but still...

Anyway, I should be ready now but it's like an old trauma ;)

Silly me !

Aiglee said...

hehe, I understand ^^ Hope you take it soon and get your G licence :)