Wednesday, 3 October 2007

We are in the Oddities section!

Every morning I read my mail, the immigration forums, my favourites blogs and the canadian news. To my surprise this is what I found this morning in the Oddities section: Chavez to take Venezuela backward in time - 30 minutes, to be exact

I knew our "president" wanted to do that and I'm one of the lot that has to do preparations in our places of work for this change, but I never expected to found this news in this section. This is the section I browse to laugh of people, this is the section where everything funny or weird goes. Ok, I admit it, this change to our timezone is ridicuolus, a lot of work and nothing in return.

Who can think that we are going to sleep half an hour more? We are going to bed half our later so you are going to sleep the same. That the kids are going to wake up with the sun higher? Well, the schools should start half an hour later, we shouldn't change an entirely timezone :S

Don't get me started with the change in our currency, that's even worst!

Well, this made my day, Venezuela it's officialy part of the diversions of others :)

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Shantanu said...

With Chavez, at least everyone (outside the country) now knows the Venezuela a little better. Didn't know about the time-zone change though. :-)

Chanced upon your blog today, thru Zhu! Hope to be back...