Monday, 1 October 2007

Tagged... My Desktop ^^

I'm still new to this blog world and there are things I don't understand yet, since I've been reading blogs for months now, but new in posting :)

A friend of mine tagged me and if I understand correctly, she wants to see my desktop, so I'm showing one of them here ;) This one is from work, not the most personal but some elements I need wherever I go ^^
I have a wallpaper of the manga Fruits Basket, since I love anime and manga SO MUCH!!! and this one it's my favourite manga ^^

GTalk to stay communicated with my husband and friends, and the Folding@home icon (the red one at the bottom right) to help as much as I can with that great project! The rest it's work related :p

Now I have to tag 5 people, right?

Then I'm tagging:
Most of them are in spanish ^^


Guillermo said...

tks for tagging me... but remember you hsould leave a comment to the other fellow bloggers to let them know.

Aiglee said...

Oops ^^ I'm still new to this, sorry!! I'll remember next time :D