Wednesday, 14 May 2008

TTC - Toronto Transit Commission

Who can tell me what the TTC is and something different to other transportation systems you have seen? ^^ The TTC is Toronto's transportation system and it has the subway, streetcars and buses. The subway works normally from 6am to 1:30am and almost all the buses 24 hours a day! You can find the schedules here:

An easy way to know where a subway entrance is, is finding this great and confusing sign:
Whenever you see that sign, is 100% sure a subway entrance is there, even if you see it in a door to a building, go in, you'll find the subway ;)

This one is one of the places that you can use to go in with a token, a metro pass or using the booth showing a transfer:

This one was new for me, you can only use it if you have a metro pass, just pass it through the machine and push!

Elevators! The subway has elevators, so please, please, please, if you have a stroller use the elevator, if you have any kind of problem to use the stairs or scalators, use the elevator!

Every station has this great help to know where you are going ^^ The station you are in, the next station of you take that train and the last station in that line ;)

And last but not least, a picture of the streetcar :) If you are using a pass or a transfer, just show it and pass, and sometimes you can even go in using the back door if you have one of those ^^

Questions? comments? Or enough information?


MS Directory Admin said...

Well its quite same like subways in singapore.When I was out there I was asonished to see it so organized.You had to buy tickets for 2 way ride at the first go.It was like a pass.And then keep on refilling the same with 10 dollar bills and other denominations according to your choice.Its quite cheap as that was most affordable mode of transport in singapore.Each station had feeder bus which takes you to office.Wonder in Canada if u have any concept like that.How is the office rush in the subway in Canada.Well S'pore it was quite manageable.

MS Directory Admin said...

Oh!you changed your photograph in your profile.Hmm..U look good that way :-D
Nice day and keep posting!

Aiglee said...

Cool MS :D

Rush hour in the subway here is not so bad as in Venezuela, so I'm pretty happy! Almost everyone uses the metro pass, which is a card similar to the one you are describing but is worth for the whole week or the month (depending on which one you buy), so people gets in and out pretty fast :D

Thanks about the photo :D I changed the photo and the banner so it would be more spring like xD

Zhu said...

I just love the subway in Toronto - I love subways or tramways in general, much more efficient than buses in my opinion.

We were supposed to have a light rail in Ottawa but the new mayor canceled it... I was really mad!

Aiglee said...

That's such a shame Zhu :( From what I've read in your blog, Ottawa could use something else besides the buses!