Saturday, 3 May 2008

How to get there

Late but for sure :) Hot to get to Niagara Falls from Toronto! I'm sure there are a few ways that I'm not mentioning, but at least I can let you know about the ones I know ;)

1) Via Rail: We took this one since it was the first one I knew and I'd never been in a actual train :D The cost was $40 round trip per person and takes a little less than 2 hours :)

2) Greyhound: This one a lot of you must know it and it's in bus. It cost $33 (so a little less than via rail) and it's very confortable. Time? A little more than 2 hours.

3) Driving: If you have a car this one is a good option and you can get all day parking for $5 almost everywhere. We took the train since we don't have a car, but we are going to rent a car with my family to get there, since we would be 6 and it's more economic in that case to rent than to buy 6 train tickets ;)

4) Casino's shuttles: A lot of casinos offer free shuttles from Toronto but all of them have conditions as to how much time you have to spend in the casino if you take the shuttle.

5) Tours: There is always a tour option to Niagara Falls but I'm not a very good fan of tours, I like to do things however I like and you can't normally do that with them :p

Once you get to Niagara, if you get in bus or train, you can take the Niagara bus or a taxi. The bus is $2.25 and get's you pretty close to all the major hotels, and to Clifton Hill. The taxi depends on how far you are getting, but a taxi from the train station to the Canadian falls is aprox. $10 ;)

Hope this helps you a little bit to decide what to take :D


Zhu said...

I drove there but I'd say the Greyhound is the best "American" experience!

Aiglee said...

hahahaha, Via Rail was fantastic for us, and our cousin went there in Greyhound and she said it was really great too, so both are really good options! :D