Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Doors Open Toronto - Gooderham Building

Our first stop in Doors Open Toronto was the Flatiron Building which is really called Gooderham Building. I love this building, its shape is really amazing and something I've never seen before.

It was built in 1892, making it the first flatiron building, and was built by architect David Roberts, Jr. for distiller George Gooderham. Gooderham could see from his window the distillery district and the bank of Toronto, which he owned ;)

It also has a really amazing mural on it's back, for which is also really popular ;)

Now it's a private building with offices, so you can't normally go in without being invited, and that it's why this was an amazing opportunity to see how it looked like inside :D


Johnada said...

I always wondered what was in that building!

Aiglee said...

Me too!!! That it's why I HAD to go that day xD And really just one office per floor, really narrow offices ^^