Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Doors Open Toronto - Distillery District

Our second stop in Doors Open Toronto was the Distillery District! The Distillery District is old but beautiful and you can find shops and places to eat all the time.

The district is normally open and you can go see it anytime, but for Doors Open Toronto had 2 special places that you can't normally see.

The first one we went was the Kiln Furnace and Barrel Vaults (Building 36) which is dated to 1863, and has a five barrel vault which they call catacombs and just thinking about the history makes you wonder and imagine everything that happened there.

The second one was the Rack House D (Building 42) and it's the largest Victorian storehouse at the Distillery District. It was designed by David Roberts, Jr. and opened in 1890. It has 6 storeys and could hold up to 15.000 barrels of alcohol. Can you imagine that much alcohol in the same place? Once you go in is easy since you can easily smell it all over the place ;)

More stops in Doors Open Toronto coming soon ;)


Zhu said...

I love this district too, one of my favorite in TO.

By the way, I'll probably be there on the June 7-8th WE, we could meet for coffee if we get a chance!

Aiglee said...

Cool Zhu!!! Please let me know time and place and we'll be there! :D Even Igor want's to see you xD I talk so much about you! :D

Johnada said...

This looks very cool. Do you know if they give tours of these areas? I've always wondered how the distillery district worked when it was an actual distillery.

Aiglee said...

It is cool :D I know in Doors Open Toronto they give you tours, but I don't know if they do it any other day :(