Monday, 19 May 2008

Future events

Hey, for the first time in my blog I'm letting you know about an event before it happens so you have the opportunity to go if you are in Toronto ^^ This next weekend, May 24 and 25 is the Open Doors Toronto :D

Is an event where more than 140 buildings will open their doors to the public!! Many of buildings are normally open and will have special events but many of them only open their doors in this special event :D So is well worth it to go and see them this weekend! My favourite buildings marked for this event are the rare books library and the subway station in bay ;)

Please come back to my blog after the event and I'll have the pictures of the places I went, so stay tunned! :D By the way, you can see the buildings and their hours of operation here:

As an extra, here you have another event on May 31: Pillow fight!!! Yes, in downtown Toronto with everyone that wants to join them ;) The link for more information:


Johnada said...

Thanks for the info. It looks pretty cool. If we stay in town this weekend, I'll definitely check this out. Unfortunately, we are probably going camping.

Zhu said...

Cool! We have it in Ottawa too but I'm not sure when it is this year. I'll have to double-check.

Aiglee said...

No problem! If you go camping, enjoy!! :D I have to go someday to camp too :D

Really Zhu? You have to go and post about it :) It should be amazing :D