Thursday, 8 May 2008

A day in my life

Some time ago a friend of mine ask me to talk about a day in my life in Toronto, and I would like to answer that with a wednesday! ^^ Obviously this is not a typical day in most people lifes, but I'm happy with my days and there is always room for change :)

On wednesdays I wake up at 6am (or at least try to xD), I change to gym clothes and go to the gym in the mall we have downstairs. (I'm skiping details of course :p)

At the gym I start by walking for half an hour while I read a book, then machines, weight lifting or anything else for 15 or 30 minutes more. I come back home, shower, dress while watching the news and have breakfast watching anime :D then I leave to work.

I take the subway and go reading my book while I'm standing (5 stops) and then I seat down and study for my Microsoft certification (8 more stops), so I get to the office around 9am.

At the office I work :p and eat something light for lunch close to the office, then I work some more xD and leave between 5pm and 6pm. I take the subway again, all the way seating down (13 stops) and studying for my certification.

I get home, make dinner, eat, read the anime and immigration forums I visit, as well as all the blogs, answer mails, talk to my family, and watch TV. All this time is fun time that we use to play wii, xbox, computer games or just watch tv ;)

As you see, there is more than enough time to do all the things you like before and after work, it just takes a little effort and organization ;) Of course, this is the life of the married without children!!! hehe


Tina said...

Great time management skills! Glad you are enjoying Toronto.

P.S. Thanks for the information on the flower

Aiglee said...

Thanks Tina!!! :D:D

Zhu said...

Pretty long days!

I could never ever hit the gym in the morning. I play tennis almost everyday after work since the weather is nice, but gym... I can barely walk and speak when I get up!

Did you do that in Venezuela as well?

MS Directory Admin said...

God you know how to manage time.But really scared about the fact how do married couples with children manage,especially when kids are really small.But as for you i still believe that you will manage even afater having kids.I guess you have to work from home when baby atleast old enough to go to school.

Aiglee said...

That's great Zhu!! I can'excercise after work, I'm too tired! xD

In Venezuela I tried to go to the gym after work but couldn't, it was too much since I used to wake up at 5am to go teaching, then my full time job and got to the gym at 7pm, so it was too much! And between leaving the gym or teaching, I just stoped going to the gym ;) You know how that is! I didn't even have time to prepare my classes ^^

Thanks MS :D I hope to be as good as some mothers out there!!! :D

Johnada said...

Wow, I'm lucky if I can even read the newspaper in the subway. Personally, I'm enjoying my last couple of months as married without children. I guess I better fit in as much as I can now!

Aiglee said...

hahahah, that's practice! In Venezuela I used to read in the subway and that one was caotic! so this one is like a walk in the park xD

Enjoy these months of freedom xD I'm looking forward to the next months were you'll be talking as a dad ^^