Saturday, 3 May 2008

The tales of my life

What do tales/stories have that steal your heart? Why do we like so much to be inside a book or a movie? Are we running away of our own lifes when we don't want to leave that fantasy world?

To me there is nothing like a good book... it doesn't have to be a bestseller, and it doesn't have to be written by Shakespeare, to me a good book is the one that makes you live their story, the one you don't want to put down and the one that makes it's world yours, a side world where you can live so many things... I can't say is a wonderful world since I'm a horror fan, but it is a magic world.

I love my life, and the wonderful opportunity of living in a country like this, which I could only hope in dreams, but I can't live without a book in my hands, and when it's far away from me I think of them, I think of the characters and what they are doing; I know they are there and the story doesn't continue without me, but I can't avoid to see them as friends, friends that I want to see, live and dream.

My types of book are fantasy, horror and romance, but it has to be a book that will take me deep, if they don't do it in the first 5 pages, they are lost to me, and once I like a book, it becomes my baby; I still remember the books I had to give away before coming here! and I have my arms wide open for the ones I left at home and that soon will be here.

What makes you read a book twice? Have you done it? I have to confess this is my first time, and since it's a manga many would say is not a book, but to me is more than that. When I'm reading and remember what is going to happen next, I get excited thinking "here it comes, I'm so happy!", and when I don't remember and something good happens is a great surprise. I laugh again, I get excited again and my heart starts to beat really fast when the great moments are coming, I'm in love with my books, and this one in particular, fruits basket, I have it in my heart.


Johnada said...

I agree - if I don't get hooked in the first 5 pages I can't read a book either. I have trouble reading books for a second time. Usually I have only done it for school.

Zhu said...

Same here, I can't force myself to read something I don't like. But I'm a real bookworm, I read just about anything, mostly thrillers, horror, a bit of chick lit' and foreign novels.

Just knowing I have a good book to read in the bus during my morning ride helps me get up!

Aiglee said...

Yeah! Exactly! xD I'm really lazy right now, so the only way I'm waking up to go to the gym is knowing that I can read while walking in the treadmill ^^

Aiglee said...

Well, this is the first time reading a book for a second time, so I know what you mean, bit there is always a first time :D