Thursday, 7 February 2008

Snow clothes and Crazy Carpets

This last weekend we decided to play in the snow, since there was such a snow storm on friday, but first we needed waterproof clothes and something to do tobogganing! :D

For the clothes, we went to a lot of stores!!! You can get a lot of different prices depending of the model and the brand. We saw pants bewteen $9.99 and $300 :S But, you can get some good snow pants (warm and waterproof) for $65 more or less; ours are Norht Face and are perfect :)

Then we needed to get the crazy carpets... When you want to do tobogganing, you need something that helps you get from the top of the hill to the bottom as fast as possible, as economic as possible! So we bought the crazy carpets, a long, flat piece of plastic where you seat and grab one of the ends (it has some king of handlers), and drop yourself from the top of the hill. These cost between $3 and $4 and you can find them in Toys 'r us, or Canadian Tire, just ask for wacky carpets or crazy carpets, since I've heard both terms.

After buying the necessary, we went to the Eglinton Park (just a block away from home) and made our first big snowman, well, ok, it was our first medium snowboy ^-^ We saw some pretty big snowmans that day, we have to learn!! After that I made my first snow angel, and we dropped a few times from the hill, it feels so good!!! I can't wait to do it again :D

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