Friday, 22 February 2008


A lot of people is asking me about Chavez, what they hear in the TV is not what we are living in Venezuela, that's a fact.

He keeps giving good impressions to the other countries and is sinking his own country. Here you can find a lot of background: Hugo Chavez but not everything is like they make it beleive:
  • We don't have milk, cooking oil, beans, eggs, cheese, chocolat, toilet paper (sometimes even chicken and meat) and a lot of other things in supermarkets anymore, and if you do find them be prepared to a long line to see if you can buy a little bit for the whole family.

  • The insecurity in the streets, your home and your car is so big that we have more than 40 murders just in the capital every 2 days! Do you know what they did to lower that number? They said that gang and vengeance related deaths weren't murders! :@ And if thats just murders I can't even think of wounded and assaulted.

  • He offered help to Hurricane Katrina victims, but try to covered the massive problems we were having in La Guaira with the rains. You can see what people were living here, and do you know what Chavez was doing all day long while that happened? Giving a referendum speach, for hours!, until he couldn't cover the truth anymore and finally stopped talking and started giving some help.

  • The so called Bolivarian missions are a fraud.
    - Yes, he built a lot of hospitals, but with just a few walls and nothing else, there is nothing you can do
    - Yes, he created Mision Rivas, Sucre and Robinson, and none of them works since they try to teach something and if the students don't learn it, it's ok, just give them the diplomas so we can look good.
    - Yes, we have Barrio Adentro to give medical attention to the poors, but did you know that the doctors are cuban and not venezuelans? and no because we don't have good doctors, we have great doctors, it's because he offers them to be here and better than in Cuba in exchange for their votes (yes, cuban in the venezuelan elections)

  • He closed a tv channel, do you call that democracy? And he already warned all the other channels that aren't from the goverment. Can you believe they can't show what happened in La Guaira during the day? Even if something like that is happening live!

  • He stablished some kind of law where the venezuelan kids are owned by the goverment, so you can't leave the country with them, how can they do that? They don't give passports to kids 7 years old or younger. The few kids that have passports is because we are a very corrupt country and if you have enough money you can buy your kid's passport.

  • I keep saying he made this law and that other law and that's because he eliminated the group of people that used to think and approved the laws, he does all of that now.

  • You can see so many homeless in the streets (kids and adults) and the streets are in such a poor state, well we even lost the La Guaira bridge and spend more than a year without it, and that one is THE brigde in Venezuela since almost all of our imported goods come from La Guaira.

Do you want more? I tried to make it "short" with the worst things I could remember, but if you want to know even more, just ask! :)


Tina said...

The gov't owns the children? That's just crazy!

Glad I'm a Canadian, and glad you were able to move to Canada.

Zhu said...

I'm glad to hear about your experience (cf. the previous post with the "know it all" guy).

Somehow, this Chavez sounds "too good to be true" (i.e like Mickael Moore visiting "great" Cuban hospital in Sicko). Lot of foreigner like him, probably because they don't see the other side of the story.

Johnada said...

I agree with Zhu. It's great to hear some real perspective on Chavez instead of what the media or people who have never been to Venezuela say.

Aiglee said...

Thank you guys!! I really apreciate it :)