Monday, 18 February 2008

Ice Skating

This weekend we went to buy our new skates and try them out :D

You have different places where to rent skates but they are normally around $9 for 2 hours and if you are going to skate more than 10 times in your life, then is better to buy them ;)

For kids, you have a few places whith "Skate Exchange" in the name where you can buy used skates and sell yours which is pretty good since they will be changing sizes a lot! But if you are not going to keep growing anymore I recommend that you buy a new pair.

For new skates you can buy them in those places but don't have a lot of skates of you can find them in Canadian Tire, where they have a lot more from where to choose! A good, economic pair will cost around $90, a little more or a little less. You can find some that are a lot less expensive but not very good, or a lot more expensive but I don't think is necessary unless you are thinking going pro :)

There are 2 types of skate, hockey skates and figure skates, the difference is the point, where the hockey skates are round and the figure skates are pointed so you can jump. I recommend hockey skates, I bought figure skates because couldn't find the other ones for me and I almost ended on the floor because I can't handle the point ^^

Places to skate? A lot!! Almost every park has outdoor rinks that are free ;) We are going to Eglinton Park and these videos are taken there :)


Zhu said...

I can skate actually, for some reason we had a skating rink in my hometown. But I have yet to skate in Canada!

I was going to rent skates on the Canal but it's so expensive... and I never go around buying my own. Plus the friend I was supposed to skate with is pregnant! And the ice wasn't great this year.

... or am I just being chicken? :D

Aiglee said...

hahahaha, a lot of excuses!! You can do it Zhu :D I fell on my left knee on Sunday, and on my right leg on Monday and I'll be going to skate again this week! You have to do it :D