Monday, 11 February 2008

The end justifies the means?

The end justifies the means?
The enemy of my enemy is my friend?

Those are phrases I just heard yesterday as an affirmation of a Canadian Chavez supporter, just sick.

I never complained much abouth those phrases I used to hear in a joke and things like that, but hear them in a different context makes you see them in a different light, right?

We met yesterday this old man that lives in the building and asked us where we were from, since he felt an accent in our english, and we just say Venezuela. "What? Venezuela?" was his answer, and he kept repeating that same line over and over until we asked "Why?"... "Well, he is my hero!!"... "What??? No, no and no".

To make it short, he just said that Chavez was his hero because he hated the US and "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"; And when he heard that we hated Chavez, he said "that means you are gringos!", WHAT?? WTF?, "Have you been to Venezuela? Have you been to our country?", well, no.

Ok, so we just said, lets teach him a little about his hero, and we tell him how you can't find milk, toilet paper, and other things in the supermarket, and he just answer with a question "can you find beans?", to which we answer "just some times", and he says "well, that's because he is helping the poors", again, WHAT?? WTH?

After Igor gives him a little background of the dollar and why he is sinking the country, he just says "The end justifies the means", and he even adds that he chears for the talibans every time they do something bad to the US, I am speachless, I am truly speachless, with a big headache and a lot of bad words in my mouth (and I don't say or even think bad words!), I can't believe what I just heard, that is just plain sad.


Zhu said...

Hey gringa! Sorry sorry, just kidding...

Yeah, the guy was a bit short sighted (understatement!!!!). I can't say I understand the whole Chavez situation right now, but trust me to be left-wing and I don't think the man is helping his country much.

I love the way people think they know your country best than you... they just ingest media propaganda and draw quick conclusion and that's it!

I used to argue with a lot of people about China. Sure I'm not Chinese but I studied the language for 12 years, studied there and lived there for a while. And I got so sick of hearing Western going "free Tibet" and bitching about the "Chinese dictatorship" that I often ended up lecturing them. It's not that easy. It's not all black and all white. There's a country's history behind all that. How would they feel if I go to the US and say "oh my God, you guys are all war mongers and in the South you are all racist!". Probably not very diplomatic, isn't it!

The guy was an idiot. That's it. That said, I'd love if you could educate me a bit about Venezuela.

Inga Encinas said...

You have to be thankful that he knows where is Venesuela and he knows who is Chavez, some people over here think that Spain is in South America :)
And some were really surprised that Russia is open now and we can travel around the world!

Aiglee said...

Yeah Zhu, I know what you mean. I haven't been out of America and I think a lot of things of others countries where I haven't been but I would never think I know more than someone that lived there! I could say that France looks amazing and if you come and tell me it isn't, I believe you!! Because only people that have lived in a contry really knows what is like!

I promess to make a post about Venezuela so you can know a little more about what is happening there :)

Inga, I know what you mean, but right now I don't know what is worst, ignorant people (such as the ones you are describing) or idiot people such as the one I met.

johnada said...

It's funny that he would use the phrase, "the end justifies the means" because that sounds exactly like something George W. Bush would say.

Aiglee said...

hahahaha, if I'd knew that, I would have say it to him so at least I could compare him with Bush so he would feel offended.

Inga Encinas said...

Happy St.Valentine's day!

Tina said...

Ah, but that's the beauty of democracy, the right to speak, regardless of whether one agrees or not.

Nice haircut!

Aiglee said...


Happy St.Valentine's day :)

Rebecca said...

First time to look at your blog.....welcome to Canada and glad to see that you are surviving the winter despite a rather cold hearted and ignorant neighbour. I am also an immigrant and am glad to report that not all Canadians are so daft!!

Aiglee said...

Thanks Rebecca!! It's true, not all canadians are like that, in fact that one is the first one in the almost 3 months I've been here :)