Thursday, 7 February 2008

First immigrant hair cut!

I think every woman in the world takes care of her hair as well as she can, some have them long and some short, and when you want a change, you can always do color, cut it, put extensions on, etc, etc, etc.

I like to change my hair from time to time, from long to short and from curly to straight are the variations I have normally; I don't color it, I have natural color and I like it that way. A few months ago I thought it would be a good idea to have long hair in the winter, so I could use my hair to protect my head from the cold, but enough is enough, when you take so long in the shower to wash it, when you start to pull it in bed or things like that, is too long!

So the day before yesterday I went on a mission of cutting my hair! But we are always looking for a good hair stylist that won't leave your hair worst, but better. In your country you can always ask your friends with good hair, where did they get it, but what do you do in a new country? Try and pray it will be ok.

I first went to the hair salon in the mall where I'm locating (remember the direct access to the mall?), but as soon as I looked inside, I didn't like the place, no customers, the hair stylist didn't look great, so off I went to walk on Yonge street.

The second place I went had just one customer, and the price was $69 for wash, cut and dry, any hair, any cut... ummm... isn't that expensive? I don't know but looks like it. I called Igor and asked for his opinion, and he said "if you like it, go for it, but just do it once or twice a year" but I wasn't sure, so I just started walking again.

The third place I went was an italian place (always a good point in terms of food and hair), when I went in, there was at least 5 female customers with happy faces (good sign!), 2 male stylist and a woman (I love male stylists) and when I asked about the price was between $45 and $65 wash, cut, dry, depending of the hair I'll have a hair cut here!

It was great! I love my new hair, short and straight (until I wash it anyway), made by a male stylist (canadian) of name David and it was $60 for everything. Great first canadian hair cut! ;)

And for the males... Igor got his first hair cut a few weeks ago, just a simple hair cut in an italian (again italian) barber shop where they have different things to read while you wait: A stack of Reader's Digest magazines, a stack of Times magazines, and a big stack of Playboys ;), the big total $16.


Johnada said...

My wife still hasn't gotten her first Toronto haircut because she is scared of new stylists. The place you went to was on Yonge? I'll have to suggest it to her.

As for me, I use clippers because there's not too much left to cut.

Aiglee said...

This place was great! Is called Salon Gianfranco and is located at 2353 Yonge St., Yonge and Eglinton.

I'll post a picture or 2 before the end of the weekend so she can see it ;)

Anonymous said...

But where are the pictures? ;)

I found haircut quite expensive too when I first came but now I'm used to pay between 50$-60$.

I don't care too much about my hair cause I have a lot :D

Aiglee said...

Soon!! It just that I made this post after work but before home, so I didn't have pictures at the moment and I'm too tired now :(

Inga Encinas said...

Lol, recently I've had my hair highlighted. I've been so afraid to go to new hairdressers that finaly my husband made it for me :)