Tuesday, 26 February 2008

3 months in Canada

Hey, tomorrow will be our 3 months anniversary in Canada! and to celebrate yesterday we received our health cards :D

Today I'm going to start trying to get us a family doctor, so I'll you know what worked for me as soon as I find one :)


Zhu said...

If you do find a family doc. I think a lot of us will be interested!

Good luck and happy 3 months anniversary... wow, already 3 months!

Aiglee said...

Thank you Zhu!! :)

I already have a doctors apointment this tuesday with a family doctor, at the latest after that I'll write about what I did to find one ;)

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes'NL said...

3 months celebration wow!!!

Do you think you like it there? Quess so..... Remoinds me of mt=y stay once in Italy ( 6 years) and Greece (1 year) I like Holland -for now- the most , but I think I will move once again.... Wis you all the best and keepon going!!!!

Have a great weekend
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JoAnn from Holland

Azzeddine said...


Thanks a lot of your blog, i've read all of it at once :)

I feel lucky i found your blog, as i intend to start the skilled worker (Federal) process as you did.

I live in Morocco so the process is different (i guess)...

Best wishes for you.

Aiglee said...

Hi JoAnn, thanks!! I really LOVE IT here :) And I'm always checking your blog, I love your pictures ;)

Thank you Azzeddine!! That's so great! I hope everything goes great and fast in your process so you can be over here very soon. The times are different from Morocco to Venezuela, but everything else is similar ^^