Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Wintercity and update

This last saturday we went to Nathan Phillips Square to be part of one of many Toronto's celebrations: Wintercity!! :) It's a celebration of the coolest winter city in the world xD

hehe, I know, I know, you think yours is coolest, but shhhh don't burst my bubble ^^

They had a lot of beautiful fire sculptures that you could admire and use to warm up a little ;)

You can see a few more in my album as always :)

And for an update, today was my second day at my new job and I liked it! I'm pretty tired today, I guess for not working in these 2 months ^^ The people is great and they are from all over the world :)

Also... Today I finally got to apply for my health card! Yesterday got my bank statement in the mail, so I was at 8am this morning asking for my card, like they say, the third time is the charm ;)


Johnada said...

Hmm, I'll have to look into this Wintercity festival. This is the first I've heard of it. That sculpture looks great. Congratulations on the job and the health card. Not that you would probably go there, but with your new card do not go to Scarborough Hospital. It's horrible!

Zhu said...

We will have the Winterlude in Ottawa next week - should be fun as well!

Aiglee said...

Hi Johnada, you should go! The sculptures are going to be there again this saturday ;) And thanks for the advice, I'll have it in mind :)

Zhu! Please post about it after you go :D

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

Hey Aiglee!!!
Lets See... how are you doing there?
I hope you are still doing fine at your new job and in Toronto, keep on going girl , You can do it! You have my support:)Take care in the SNOW and don't catch a cold , so dress warm and us e a lot of Vitamine C, every day. I do that too, so just for prvention, nothing is so boring as being sick in a new countrie, job or where-ever you are or go.

JoAnn Netherlands

Aiglee said...

Thank you JoAnn :D Yes, I'm taking care of myself, the job is great and I love the snow!!! :D

Inga Encinas said...

Oh, so beautiful, sad that I missed it. But we celebrated this New Year on this square =)