Tuesday, 8 January 2008

ICAS Assessment

We have the ICAS Assessment in our hands! The result? Great, comparable to a recognized university in Ontario :D

That should help us find a job faster, we already wrote it in our resumés and registered with Career Bridge, so, we'll se how fast can we find a job now ;)

I have more news, today I enrolled in Ryerson University, just a course for now (Developing Advanced Web Applications Using Java), but I hope that will help too to get a job :) So cross your fingers!!!


Zhu said...

Cool, I'm glad for you! I keep on telling ya... but gosh, you're organized! :$

Aiglee said...

hahahahahaha, I love you Zhu ^^

Juan said...

Hola Aiglee,

Tengo algunos dias leyendo tus blogs, me parece muy interesante y lindo de tu parte compartir todas sus experiencias en el proceso de Inmigracion y parte de sus vidas alla...Gracias.

Yo tambien estoy buscando la forma de migrar a Canada y tambien trabajo en sistemas, soy Ing. de Sistemas, y me encantaria considerarme un nuevo amigo para ustedes :)

Soy mexicano pero ahora vivo en Los Angeles CA.

Aiglee said...

Gracias Juan!! Por aqui estamos para ayudar :) Y cuando quieras puedes escribirme por este blog o el que está en español ;)

Juan said...

Thanks! and sorry I just noticed I posted it in the english version :)

I have a question, I found that there are 2 different ways of getting the permanent residence, "Regular" and "Simplified", what applicattion you guys used? it looks like Regular is faster, doesn't it?


Also, if you want send me more information about your guys background and experience, I have some contacts in Canada that might be able to help on getting you a job. I hope I can help you guys.

Aiglee said...

Hi again Juan :D

Well, there isn't much option between going with the regular or the simplified process, since only people in the US and Canada can and must use the regular process and people in the rest of the word have to use the simplified process :)

We used the regular process just because the simplified one wasn't established at that moment ^^ But yes, I think like you, that the regular process is faster because you are not waiting for the embassy to ask for your papers :)

Any help you can give us finding a job here in Canada would be great!! My email is aiglee@yahoo.com, please write something to me, so I can know your email and send you our resumes. We are both computer scientists, I'm a programmer and database developer, and my husband is an operating system specialist (Linux being his preference).

Thank you so much for your help :D

CresceNet said...
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TorAa said...

Cross my fingers for both of you - hope this year will be a lucky one

Aiglee said...

Thank you Toraa :D Nice blog by the way ;)