Sunday, 6 January 2008

New year in Nathan Phillips Square

Hi everyone :D I've been a little bit lost from the blog because we've been busy with the apartment :) Soon I'll have pictures of our home ;)

We recieved the new year in Nathan Phillips Square with live music, fast food stands and portatil bathrooms.

The good things:
  • A real adventure and every Torontian has to receive the new year there at least once :)
  • Live music
  • Every necessity covered (food, bathrooms)
  • Security (police, ambulances, firemen)
  • Fireworks
  • Event free of alcohol for the whole family

The bad:

  • TOO MUCH PEOPLE (more than 40.000 people)
  • I didn't like the music ^^
  • So much people that getting to the food, the bathroom or watching the concert was a oddissey (I didn't get to see the concert and I didn't try the other 2)
  • There is always someone that comes drunk or has hidden alcohol, so there were a few minor incidents
  • The sound wasn't very good
  • Veeeeery cold

In the end it was an experience I needed to live :D It was good but I don't feel like going again very soon ;)


Zhu said...

We had fireworks in Ottawa at 18:57 (Ottawa anniversary... yeah, it's normal! :D ) but there were so many people, we didn't see much of it.

We hanged out in the streets, it was cold but nice. We usually celebrate in bars here in Ottawa ;)

Oh... feliz ano nuevo! ;) (am I mixing Spanish and Italian again here?)

Johnada said...

Who was the band that played? And how do they fit 40,000 people in there?

Aiglee said...

Sorry Zhu! I'm so late answering you. Feliz año nuevo!! You are not mixing, is great spanish :D

Hi Johnada, you can find all the bands here:

And about the 40.000 people there, you could find people on top of everything, there was people in the street and you couldn't move an inch after 11pm ;)